5 Tools to Make Content Marketing Easier

5 Content Marketing ToolsContent creation and curation are necessities in today’s online content marketing world. However, one of the greatest challenges that entrepreneurs and business owners have is determining what types of content they should create and what they should share on a daily basis.

Increase Content Marketing Effectiveness with These Tools

#1 BuzzSumo

One of the best ways to create content is to determine what is already popular on various social networks. Buzzsumo.com is essentially the search engine for social content. By typing in a keyword you can quickly see what types of content are popular based on their social activity on networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, and Pinterest.

The key to leveraging this tool effectively is to look for existing content that is popular and model your content to be similar in nature.

#2 Post Planner

Curating images for use on platforms such as Facebook & Twitter is a great way to create engagement, without spending large amounts of time thinking about what to share. Postplanner.com curates popular content from platforms such as Facebook & Instagram and allows you to share them on Facebook & Twitter. It’s a great way to fill your newsfeed with content your audience will enjoy without spending large amounts of time developing images.

#3 Buffer

One of the best things any business owner can do is switch from marketing reactively to marketing proactively. In terms of content marketing, this means scheduling your posts ahead of time instead of doing it as you go. Think about how many times you meant to create a post, but you were tied up in a meeting. Being effective on social media means showing up consistently.

Buffer.com allows you to schedule content on your favorite platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and even Instagram. When you combine this with the other tools within this article, you can quickly ensure that your followers will have a constant feed of content to consume.

#4 Feedly

Sharing existing content can be quite daunting, especially if it involves visiting dozens of websites regularly. Instead of spending time browsing a vast number of websites you can simply leverage Feedly instead. Feedly.com aggregates the content from sites of your choosing, so you can quickly browse through various sites to see what content you should share on your social networks. This will save you hours each week in looking for content to share.

#5 Snip.ly

While sharing content is crucial to growing your business, you want to ensure that people come back to your website. Snip.ly allows you to share content from other websites and place a call to action on the link you share. This is very powerful, as it ensures that whatever content you share with your audience, they will still see who shared it. It’s great for brand recognition!

Bring Consistent Value to Content Marketing

Regardless of the tools you utilize in your business, it is important that you provide consistent content of value to your audience to increase engagement and build consumer loyalty online. These tools will help you do that in a way that will be less time consuming and more automated.

Have you used any of these tools for your content marketing or have others you want to add to the list? Share with us in the comments below.

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