DFW Rocks Social Media Day TWEETUP TIME!

The public is welcome to attend the DFW Rocks Social Media Conference – Mashable’s Social Media Day Tweetup in the lounge of the Holiday Inn where the conference is held. Starting at 4p (it’s 7 minutes late – more door prizes, you know it). See you there!


Renee wins a door prize and is crazy happy about it.

Renee wins a door prize and is crazy happy about it.

Andi Reis

Andi Reis has spent the last 13 illustrious years working in the marketing and advertising fields as part of client solutions, editing, copywriting, creative compliance, brand activation, content strategy, and social media marketing for corporations, writers and artists. Obsessively working the world to help bring people to the mecca of social media as part of successful digital marketing, she creates for clients the platform of understanding which basically says: Social media is more about the social than the media. In her spare time, she is Content Barista at Ralph’s Design & Deli and Chief of Awesome at Fun City Social Media.

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