Get Real-Time Results with Twitter for Business

Get Real-Time Results with Twitter for BusinessAre your tweets real-time ready for Google? Using Twitter for business has always been a powerful digital marketing strategy, but even more so now. Learn WHY and HOW to get real-time results in this blog post.

Did you hear a few weeks ago about Google indexing tweets again real-time? Get the story here.

Why is this change important for business? Now searchers can find what you tweet on Google without even logging into their Twitter account.

How Real-Time Indexing of Twitter Helps Your Business

  • Drives site traffic
  • Grows your Twitter followers
  • Exposes your business to new clients and potential customers

Leveraging Real-time Search for Your Tweets

  • Use keyword phrases someone would search for in your tweets
  • Include links to your website in your tweets when appropriate
  • Solve problems for people in your tweets (yes, tips are still important)

Optimizing Your Website for Real-Time Search of Tweets

  • Keyword rich blog post titles because so many people just click the tweet button and the title is what sends out
  • Each page or post on your website should take the reader on a journey through the website
  • Create evergreen blog post content and pages on your website in addition to trending items for tweet recycling

What else do I have to say about Google and Twitter for Business?

  • The more clicks your tweets get the higher the signal it sends to Google in relation to the value of your tweet
  • Take the time to customize tweets before you just tweet a blog post
  • Don’t just tweet a blog post or page you have published on your website once

(If your website is WordPress use Revive Old Post and Evergreen Post Tweeter to automate this. If not, download the template from Hootsuite and manually capture the links and bulk upload them to Hootsuite to tweet as scheduled dates and times.)

As a social media coach and marketing strategist, I am always thinking about how changes in the digital marketing industry will help my customers, so get busy today and optimize what you tweet and how you tweet to increase your site traffic and Google ranking by leveraging Twitter for business.

Btw … If Twitter is still a mystery for you, check out my book, 25 Tips to Twitter Success: Learn How to Market Yourself, Brand and Business Online. This easy-to-read book contains digestible how tos. It doesn’t just teach you how to tweet, but how to leverage what you tweet.

Are you using Twitter for Business? How with Google’s recent change adjust your digital marketing strategy?


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Lissa Duty

Lissa Duty is Social Media Coach, Author, Speaker & Trainer. 20 years of marketing, administrative and management experience working to grow your business.

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