Reach More People with these Visual Marketing Strategies

Most People Are Visual Learners - Reach Them with these Visual Marketing StrategiesWe’re starting a new year, which means all of our goals are going to see a massive shift. You’ll want to take a good look at visual marketing strategies. Content marketing campaigns reset, so you are going to be looking for the best ways to boost your business’s growth.

Be More Visible with Visual Marketing Strategies

Text-based content will always hold a powerful place in the marketing world, but we are shifting into an era where visual appeal is playing an important role.

65% of individuals are visual learners. That tells us that visual marketing has the ability to lead to stunning results!

Four Visual Marketing Strategies You Can Implement Now

Here are 4 visual marketing ideas that will get stunning results for your small business.

Infographics Have Super-High Conversion Rates

Infographics are an amazing tool for sharing complex data in a way that your target market can easily understand. Internet users have short attention spans, so you can’t exactly expect them to wade through a large amount of data to make a buying decision. This is why infographics can become an essential part of your marketing strategy. Here is an example of an infographic depicting lots of data in a very appealing way.

If you want to reap the best rewards, make sure that your infographics are laid out in the most impactful way possible. Combine the right colors with the right font and attach the right data. Through proper visuals you can bring even the most mundane tasks to life.

In short, infographics have a high conversion rate, but their social media sharing rate tends to be low.

Create Eye-Popping Memes

Memes are extremely popular across all social media platforms – so popular that their creation has become a multi-million-dollar industry. So why do so many content marketers not use them to their fullest advantage? They simply fail to make the connection between marketing and memes, since they are seen as entertainment.

Creating your own memes is an amazing way to grab the attention of your target market while evoking the right emotions to make your brand stand out in a crowd. Memes are even more effective if your target market is a younger demographic.

Memes do not convert into sales as easily as an infographic, but they are shares at an exponentially higher rate.

Create Amazing Presentations

I see so much content online that is presented in the form of a presentation. Slideshare is a great free tool for creating and sharing presentations. Presentations tend to meet the short attention spans of internet users while communicating a lot of information. Plus, you can use them for other marketing content, like videos.

The trick to converting a presentation is to use a color scheme that draws attention to the text. Furthermore, you will need to create compelling headlines.

Utilize Screenshots

Screenshots provide you with the unique opportunity to provide users with an inside look at your product or service. You can showcase your services in a way that text simply cannot. In short, you can use screenshots to boost your credibility by providing proof that your services are legitimate.

For example, if your business has an app that you’re trying to get users to download, you can provide screenshots within the app to show your audience its advantages. If you are providing marketing services, perhaps record a video of you going through the entire process using screen sharing software.

Make Sure You Take Full Advantage of Visual Marketing Strategies

The reason visual content converts at such a high rate is that it taps into the psyche of internet users. It engages their short attention spans while providing them with visual insights. If you generate high quality visual content, then you will be able to resonate with your audience. You will gain a huge advantage over other businesses that are ignoring visual content.

Which of these visual marketing strategies speaks strongly to your current needs? Do share your thoughts in the comments!

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