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Want to Rank in Google? “Getting Lucky” is Work, and This Infographic Can Help!

Want to Rank in Google? “Getting Lucky” is Work, and These 4 To-Do’s Can Help!

Like most online businesses, you regularly focus on getting customers for your products and services. And you – and the competition – want to rank in Google.

One thing you must do to beat out your competitors is to get a high DR (domain rating). You want to know what millions of online business owners want to know about getting seen, and that is: How long does it take to rank in Google? Getting that coveted page 1, position 1, page rank (and keeping it) is a company’s dream. You want Google to love you enough to put your website in this location in their search engine forever. How do you do it? The answer depends on many factors.

To Rank in Google, Measure What Works – and What Doesn’t

When it comes to getting where you want your website to be, remember this basic idea. Whatever actions you do that affect your website causes additional actions and reactions. Sometimes the reaction is no action. When you do something intending to get a certain human visitor or robotic Google response, and you don’t get it, you need to do something else. I know that sounds like a very obvious statement, but sometimes we miss the obvious.

Don’t be so hard on yourself. Getting your page to rank can be challenging for many people – in fact for the majority of people who publish pages. Even when using SEO correctly, it still takes time to get your page highly ranked.

When it comes to SEO, each thing you do to be seen and get Google and customer love for your website might be an experiment. So, think like a scientist who performs experiments. Keep track of the ranking actions you do or do not do. Yes, you need to know what does work and what doesn’t work. This can prevent you from making a mistake repeatedly. Keeping track of what you do to rank your page can also keep you focused on doing more of what does work, and less of what doesn’t work to rank.

For example, here are some basic stats that may help you regarding page rank. Being committed and focused are key to getting your website to rank.

Understand Basic Page Ranking Stats to Rank Higher in Google

Page ranking using some of the following stats may be impossible for you. However, look on the bright side. There are many things you CAN do. Focus on doing those.

It Takes Time

Like mastering most life skills, good habits begin with the first step in a process. Continuing to implement that process keeps you on track to staying ranked. Notice on this infographic that the average top 10 ranking page is 2+ years old. No one can turn back time. This is one of those things you can do nothing about. Instead of having regrets that your domain is too young to rank, focus on other things you can do – including smart SEO strategies – to get desired page ranking.

Domain Rating

“Domain Rating” (DR) shows any given website’s overall backlink profile strength. You measure a website’s DR using a logarithmic scale from 1 to 100. The higher the number, the stronger the backlink profile strength. The DR correlates fairly well with Google rankings, but not as well as the URL Rating. This idea suggests that you might be able to get your website to outrank high authority sites if you build more authoritative backlinks to your page. Generally, to build your DR, focus on getting backlinks from high DR websites. High DR websites carry more page ranking weight than low DR websites.

URL Rating (UR)

UR measures a target URL’s backlink profile strength AND the likelihood that the URL will rank high in Google. Similar to your site’s DR, you measure UR on a logarithmic scale from 1 to 100. Again, the higher the number, the stronger the UR. Here’s more about how to understand SEO metrics terms. Basically, high DR pages perform much better than low ranking DR pages.

The Right Keywords

Referring again to the infographic, you see that the “luckiest” pages can quickly rank for low-volume keywords. Compare this with the time it takes for a “lucky” page to rank using high volume keywords within a year. (Remember, this data ONLY applies to the 5.7% of lucky pages ranking within the top 10 within a year.)

Boost Your Rank in Google with DR, Quality Backlinks, Solid Strategies and Patience

The bottom line to answering the question revealed in this infographic is this – about 95% of newly published pages don’t reach the top 10 within a year. Most of the “lucky” ones that rank way up there require 2­­–6 months to do it.

Infographic Courtesy of: The Website Group

The secret to ranking high actually has nothing to do with luck. So, even if you keep rubbing your lucky page ranking rabbit’s foot, that does nothing to help your page rank go higher. What does? Consistently working away at raising your DR, having authority backlinks, and using effective SEO strategies, techniques and practices.

What are you doing right, right now, to rank in Google? Does this reveal what you might be doing wrong? Share your thoughts in the comments!

Mark Toney

Mark Toney is CEO of Lucé Media – a social and digital strategy, research and content company. He has worked with hundreds of companies small and large to increase awareness, engagement and most important – new business.

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