Four Unique Ways Use Video and Reach Your List

Leveraging Video for the HolidaysLeveraging video is a powerful way to stay in front of your clients and prospects. But you need to make your video stands out from the crowd. Today we will discuss how.

Typically at this time of the year, the mail is full of customary greeting cards sent to “remind” people that you are thinking about them. However, overtime it has become more of a symbol of good will, than an effective follow up method.

Now, more than ever, it is important to stand out to clients and customers and utilizing video can be a powerful tool if you use it properly to complement typical holiday greeting cards.

Create Personalized Videos for Top Referring Clients

The people who refer you the most business should be in a category of their own. After all they care about you so much they send you business at every opportunity. Because of this, simply sending them a message that looks like what the masses receive is not appropriate. The ideal method is to record a personalized video from you and your staff for that specific individual with a message thanking them for the specific things they have done to contribute to your business for the year. This type of personal touch will remain with them for months and they will tell their connections about your gesture.

Create a General Video to Send to the Masses

Instead of simply sending the standard rubber stamped greeting card, send a video message that thanks them for their referrals and for being a loyal client. You should make sure that this video has character and is broad enough to be applicable to a large audience. Your goal of the video is to let people know that you are thinking about them and sending a video gives you a higher probability that your clients will see your message, as opposed to a card sitting in a stack of cards waiting to be opened!

Leverage Google Drive to Attach Video to Emails

Sending video via email to clients can be challenging so the easiest method of getting your message to people is to leverage Google Drive which will allow people to play the video while still within Gmail. Another added benefit of using Google Drive is the video is not on YouTube or other public platforms, so clients will think it’s more for them than anyone else.

Utilize Facebook Ads to Deliver the Video Message via Custom Audiences

Because email open rates can be lower than we would like, a great way to increase the number of clients that see your message is through Facebook Video Ads. The key to this is to use the option of custom audiences to deliver the message to your Facebook database. Since people spend a substantial time each day on Facebook, the probability that your connections will see your message will be much higher. They are also more likely to share the video with their friends which can result in new referrals because of how you are perceived by their friends.

The more your business can stand out with video, especially during the holidays, the greater the potential result will be.

How are you going to stand out with your clients during the holidays? Comment below.

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