Time for Wellness Check: Your Business Web Presence Check That Is!

Website Wellness Presence Check UpJust like going to the doctor for a wellness check up, you need to perform a wellness check on your business web presence.

If you are new to the online world, these steps will get you started on improving your overall web presence status. If you have been on the web for years, don’t assume everything with your web presence is healthy. The web is in constant flux and things change quickly.

How To Perform a Quick Web Presence Check On Your Business

Below are a few high-level steps to help your online presence make a good showing and consumers can easily learn more about you on the go!

1. Mobile Experience

Is your website mobile friendly? Can users find out more about you and your location quickly? Often this is a quick fix by simply contacting your web master to make this update.

2. Customer Reviews

Do you know the state of your online reputation? Do you have tons of happy customers but you never ask them to leave a review? Are there negative reviews you aren’t aware of? A quick Google search using your business name and the modifiers reviews, review, ratings, etc. can help you uncover things you might not be aware of.

3. Website

Does your website contain the most current information about your products and/or services? Are your “contact us” callouts prominent and easy to find on desktop and mobile views alike? Do you give them multiple ways to contact you? Make sure you are putting your best foot forward when visitors take a peep at your site.

4. Blog

Do you have a blog? Blogs are a great way to convey you and your business as a subject matter expert. If your product is a larger investment of time and or money for potential customers they often want to know a little more than the website copy.

5. Social Media Profiles

Do you have an active presence on the social media channels where your ideal target market spends most of their time? If they find your profiles but you haven’t posted in months or it doesn’t show an authentic personality, they are likely to pass you by.

6. Directory Listings

Do you have a retail location? Have you claimed all of your listings? If your competitors have claimed all of theirs and added robust content, chances are you are being looked over many times a day in favor of your competitors.

Potential customers make very quick decisions about your product and/or services based on information they find online. Don’t let your competitors get a leg up on you simply based on their ability to maintain a better web presence. You may have a superior product or service, but most consumers make snap decisions about you based on what you do or do not have online.

You only have one chance to make a first impression with prospects so make it a great one! Download Rocks Digital’s eBook An Introduction to Social Media  Marketing: A Guide for Small Businesses and stay ahead of your competition.

How often do you perform a health checkup on your business? Comment below and share what you have learned with us.

Melanie Neal

Melanie Neal is a Marketing Strategist and Founder of Zella Ruby Media. She develops engaging integrated marketing campaigns to help businesses reach their ideal audiences. She is also a speaker and founder of The Dallas Entrepreneurs Meetup group.

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