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Without a memorable website, a business can get lost in the crowd. That’s why at Rocks Digital, a beautiful, user-friendly website design and web development go hand-in-hand. We work with local businesses, service area businesses and brands to build websites they can be proud of.

Our skilled web design team is dedicated to developing websites that serve the needs of the business – and the customers they hope to attract. When it comes to website design and development, our services speak for themselves. We ROCK Digital.

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Everyone has had a bad experience in visiting a website. Low-quality design and hard-to-navigate menus and pages really stand out in a negative way, especially when today’s savvy consumers discover and try to use the website.

In brief, a poor user interface makes for a frustrating experience. This is exactly where website design and development come in. Web design focuses on aesthetic appeal that suits a brand, while also providing exceptional usability. Web development ensures that technical factors like coding and functionality work flawlessly. In addition, sites that load fast on both desktop and mobile are essential.

The design and development components are crucial as they keep a visitor interested and engaged with your site. There’ssimply too much competition for attention to risk a lackluster performance. A bad user experience also impacts your search engine optimization (SEO) efforts. For example, if too many visitors quickly exit your site, it will be virtually impossible to gain visibility for the key search results. High bounce rates indicate to Google that the website wasn’t relative for the search query. Enough of these exits will send a signal to Google that can be quite detrimental to a local business.

Rocks Digital Builds Quality Websites

While there are many website templates and web development companies around that can build a website, not all have the talent and experience necessary to build a website that pleases consumers as well as the search engines. At Rocks Digital, we make this possible. Here’s a bit more information on what we do, and why.

Mobile Responsive Website

Consider the mobile experience. A mobile responsive website will adjust a site’s layout – it depends on the device accessing it. When a web developer focuses only on the desktop view, mobile visitors might experience difficulty, including unreadable text, oversized images, pages that are slow to load, plus an array of other problems.

So what can you expect from a Rocks Digital website? That every visitor – whether they’re using a laptop, tablet, or smartphone – will have a user-friendly website experience. Our clients in Fort Worth, Atlanta and beyond will attest to our high standards.

Custom Web Design

Your business deserves a site tailored to your brand. At Rocks Digital, we are dedicated to providing a cutting-edge custom design at an affordable price. Custom web design is the cornerstone of everything we do. In fact, web design is our passion, and we look forward to telling the story of your business with our custom web design solutions. Let’s work together to create a web design that fits your brand identity and delights your customers.

Website Revamp

The online world moves quickly, and web design is no different. A website that looks and feels out-of-date can damage conversions, sales – and even SEO. At Rocks Digital, our team of digital marketing experts is locked onto new design trends to deliver an improved user experience. We can provide an affordable website revamp that reimagines a run-of-the-mill design into a modern visual experience. We can put a facelift on your existing website that you’ll love, and that consumers will want to visit. Find out if our website revamp service is for you.

Logo Design

A logo communicates crucial information about your brand. Your logo is often the first image a visitor sees on your site. Over time, a logo is associated with brand values and elicits emotions in a customer. If you want a memorable logo, Rocks Digital can provide custom logo design for use on your website. You may be a small business in Plano or McKinney, but your logo could be recognized across the globe. We’ll provide you with the design files, color palette and logo artwork. We can even build you a business card, too.

How to Get Started With a New Website Design

Rocks Digital has provided web development services to clients in Dallas, Atlanta, and across the country. We are happy to collaborate with you and make your ideas come to life. Alternately, you can let our web design team create a custom site based on our digital marketing expertise. Here are some factors to consider before we begin:

  • Do you have an existing website?
  • How would you describe your brand?
  • What features do you want to include?
  • What are your goals for the website?

Common Website Design and Development Questions

Yes. At Rocks Digital, we are SEO experts who understand how to gain optimal placement in search results. Every website we build is optimized for search. URI strings, page titles, title tags and more are optimized for search. Even the meta descriptions are crafted to encourage click-through.

We can work together on a concept, or you can let our team create something spectacular from scratch. We make the web design process simple for you – we’ll do all the heavy lifting.

Absolutely. It’s your logo to use however you would like. We will not own it – you will. We’ll even build your social media cover art to match your new logo design.

We're Here for All Your Website Design & Web Development Needs

At Rocks Digital, we’ve helped countless small and medium-sized businesses build beautiful websites optimized for search and conversions. Our full-service digital marketing agency works with companies around the country, from Georgia to California. Find out how we can help you build a new website now by calling (214) 989-7549 or by contacting us online.



    Web Design & Development

    Your website needs to be aesthetically pleasing and functional. We build websites for desktop and mobile that are both.


    Your website needs to attract search engines and consumers. We are experts in local search and SEO, and can make that happen.


    Anybody can write words on a page, but can they write content that integrates SEO best practices and converts? We can.

    Here’s What our CLIENTs have to say

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    Their Local Business Websites Rock

    Rocks Digital knows how to build local business websites that convert prospects to customers. Not only do I recommend them to work on my reputation management client’s websites, but they work on the Reputation Sensei brand, too.
    - Chris Snellgrove

    They Customize Their Solutions

    Rocks Digital customizes to meet their client’s needs. We needed our existing website optimized for search. We are now placing for more industry keywords and continue to improve. They consult with our in-house team on content optimization, manage our GMB listing & more.
    - Greta Valenti

    Highly Recommend

    Rocks Digital manages not only the Association of Directory Publishers website, but our Trusted Local Directory. From helping us get our event information on the website to producing guides, blogs and new content, they have what it takes.
    - Cindi Aldrich