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New Ideas for Website Search Engine Optimization

Website Search Engine Optimization
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SEO, also known as Search Engine Optimization, no longer works, right? It was a concept that was released when Google first launched and has since been discontinued, correct? Then why busy yourself with reading this article? That’s easy. The first two questions are 100% false.

The New Reality of Search Engine Optimization

SEO Truth Exposed

So, what is the truth about SEO? It has changed. No longer should focus be given to influentially manipulating algorithms. Instead, one’s entire focus today should be on user experience.

What’s Out

  • Meta data details
  • Keyword density
  • Link farming

What’s In

  • Informative long copy
  • Scannable content
  • Guest blogging

So, if you want to play by yesterday’s rules in the SEO world, then I wish you the best of success. To fully understand the changes that have taken place and how they affect you, keep reading.

Informative Long Copy

At the start, people could get by with creating articles that were 300 to 500 words in length. Not today. It’s not a problem to have some articles of this length in order to provide mixed variety. However, better yet is to create most all your content with more than 1,000 words in length.

While doing so, be sure to provide actionable points that lend well to a “how to” or experienced storyline style. As the reader comes to see your content as enriching for their involvement in the niche, you will begin to take both the position within your reader’s mind and the search engine rankings that you desire and deserve.

DO: Provide value that is easy for the reader to implement.

DO NOT: Focus on how many keywords are on a page, their position, or the corresponding meta details.

Scannable Content

While in the process of creating your content, remember that this is the web where people like to scan quickly through content.

DO: Write short easy-to-read paragraphs that contain no more than 3 sentences and possibly less.

DO NOT: Allow long drawn-out paragraphs in Macbeth style, just because you can.

Other Points to Consider for Search Engine Optimization Today

The usage of bold and color. Like the above, it makes for quick referencing. Notice also the caps used in those specific cases. Be careful with that though, because using all caps is akin to screaming on the web.

  • Allow for bullets and numbering where appropriate to help break up content further into its finer components.Implement headings and sub-headings to clearly define what is within the content being created.
  • Implement headings and sub-headings to clearly define what is within the content being created.

All attributes like these, including your internal link building strategies, increase the time on site for the user while decreasing the bounce rate.

  • Time On Site: The typical length of time someone spends when they visit your site, from start to finish.
  • Bounce Rate: Visitors that arrive on your site but then leave without visiting a second page.

Both qualities are important aspects of the Google algorithm. Appeal to the user so that they want to stay longer on your site and watch as the search engines respond with increased rankings for your project.

Giving Everything Away

Here I would like to talk about a super simple activity that the search engines, especially Google, love but few people understand. Did you know that it is a great idea for you to link to other people’s projects, especially competitors? Wait! Wouldn’t that be like helping them build their project?

Yes, it would. However, in the eyes of Google, you are no longer an individualized self-serving entity. Instead, you have become a niche authority. Guess who gets ranked better. Just be sure that when you are doing this activity you use the blank target reference, which would look like this: [target=”blank”]. That way, once your viewer is finished reviewing the other page they will return to your website.

And now, since you were the one to give them an awesome whatever to check out, guess what happens to your corresponding credibility.

DO: Link to external sites of authority, even if they are your competitor.

DO NOT: Be an island unto yourself.

Building External Power via Search Engine Optimization

Everything that we have focused on so far talks about how things have changed within your website (on-page) as it relates to SEO. Not much attention has been directed to the other half of the equation: off-page SEO.

Off-page means everything done outside of your website that is designed to promote it. In the past, link farms and wheels were highly praised. Unfortunately, this led to a vast amount of rubbish being made available on the search engines and those strategies were taken out of the running by one of Google’s famous animal updates. However, one should not conclude that off-page strategies are now taboo because that is very much not the case. They just take more commitment in order to effect positive change.

Three Techniques I Recommend 

#1 Guest Blogging

Guest Blogging is my favorite. Simply put, you write a high-quality piece of content and have it posted on a site external to yours. Then you have a backlink in the bio and send it away for publishing.

On the downside, this can take a great deal of effort.

On the upside, you gain exposure both from the search engines and the site itself.

#2 Social Bookmarking

This is where you share your URL with the masses. Digg is an excellent example of places that will post a reference to your link.

#3 Social Networking

Like social bookmarking, but building a network of influence instead. Facebook and Twitter are two such properties that help webmasters accomplish this.

As you should be seeing by now, building a website today is not at all like it once was. Today, if you are going to be in the game, your focus must be on quality instead of quantity.

What techniques for “on” or “off” page optimization strategies are you using? What haven’t you implemented yet? Share in the comments below and let’s take the search engines by storm.

Guy Siverson

Guy Siverson is an Author, Blogger & Online Marketer who enjoys helping to educate, inspire, and motivate others through his writing, coaching & speaking engagements.

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