140 Characters No More: Why You Should Use Video on Twitter

Using Video for TwitterHave you ever had the urge to say something on Twitter but realized that there was no way you were going to say what you needed in 140 characters? The simple way around this is to use video!

So Why Use Video on Twitter?

For starters it stands out. Just as seeing an image in your feed catches your attention, video has the same effect on people. However, since it is video it motivates people to watch because people are curious as to what you might say.

Utilizing video on Twitter is a very simple process because it can be done on either an Apple or Android mobile device. The maximum video length is 30 seconds. Let that sink in for a minute. For example, if the average person spoke at a rate of 150 words per minute, that means you should be able to say around 75 words in a 30 second video. Or, to look at it from another perspective, if the average word had 5 characters in it, that would equate to 375 characters.

3 Easy Ways to Use Video on Twitter

1. Thank Your New Followers
Hopefully you are not one of the people who utilizes an auto DM to connect with followers on Twitter, as it is a community where people want to authentically connect with people. One of the best ways that you can build a connection with a new follower is to utilize a video in a Tweet.

When you are just starting off on Twitter, you might want to individualize each video to build your followers. However, as your follower base grows, it will become more efficient to do a video once per day to thank people and send it out. Although if you are getting less than 20 followers a day, it doesn’t take more than a few seconds to shoot a quick video on your phone to thank someone. Always remember, a simple thank you goes a long way in building a relationship.

2. Promote Newly Published Content
Usually when content creators promote their content, it’s with a simple image, or even a basic tweet. If you want to stand out in a crowded market, create a short 30 second commercial for your newly published content. The more captivating your video is, the more people will want to engage with you, and ultimately retweet your message to their following.

3. Invite People to Your Livestream
One of the most powerful things that you can do for your lifestream videos is to promote them ahead of time. If you do a search on Twitter, or even Facebook, you will see people use a basic status update or tweet saying they are going live in 10 minutes or whatever and the savvy marketers will utilize an image to stand out a bit more in the crowd. However, did you know that you can shoot a simple promo video with your phone telling your followers you are about to go live and to spread the word? Make sure that you include a link to where they can follow you on your livestreaming platform of choice so they can join you on your broadcast.

These are just a few of the ways that you can utilize video on Twitter to promote your content and ultimately build your following.

Did you come up with any more way to utilize video on Twitter to promote your business? Comment below.

Byron Ingraham

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