Why You Need to Get Busy Live Streaming Video

Live Streaming VideoLive streaming is the way of the future! It offers unfiltered access to what is happening in our world right now and there are several options available if you want to live stream to an audience. You can choose from Periscope, Meerkat, YouTube, and even Facebook.

Why I Choose Periscope for Live Streaming Video

The biggest and most profound reason is that Twitter owns it. This platform will continue to evolve over time so that its users have the best experience both on Periscope, and on Twitter.

Why Use Live Streaming Video At All

It’s the natural evolution of how content is shared via the Internet. Think about it for a moment, at the dawn of social media people began sharing what their experiences were. As photo sharing became more prevalent, people began sharing photos of what they were doing. Videos then became elaborate productions to share content with audiences.

Now with the introduction of live video streaming, it’s a revolution as to how people are able to interact. If you look back on the history of television and video, it was primarily a one-way communication medium. The content was broadcast to a respective audience with feedback being post airing. Now with live streaming, you, as the content generator, can solicit feedback from an audience as the broadcast is occurring.

You now have the ability to interact with your audience in ways that were not possible before. Imagine for a moment that you are a plumber and you receive calls about various issues regarding clogged pipes on a regular basis. You can conduct a scope on how to unclog a drain, and actually walk people through it, answering questions while you are conducting the broadcast.

Types of Videos You Should Live Stream

  • Problem solving videos for anything from a service type item to answering questions
  • Segments from industry events you attend where influencers are speaking
  • Interviews with friends, peers, coworkers regarding a specific topic or problem
  • Quick messages you want to send out to your followers about something significant in your life

You can use live streaming video for anything you would like, but make sure you are demonstrating your expertise and having fun while doing it. Now is the time to start marketing to consumers in a whole new way.

Are you going to jump on board with live streaming video or just watch your competitors continue to dominate the market?

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