Opportunism and Being Holistic: Win in Digital Marketing by Eric Enge

Eric Enge, Keynote Speaker at Rocks Digital Marketing ConferenceLet’s get the edge with Eric Enge! It’s down to the last keynote of the evening… so let’s learn how to win in digital marketing!

Eric Enge is the founder of CEO of Stone Temple Consulting. He’s a prominent SEO and digital marketing leader, and the author of The Art of SEO, as well as a professional speaker.

Uprising in Mobile:

  1. Mobile Searches > Desktop Search
  2. Voice Search Will Become Primary Interface
  3. More Time Spent in Smartphone Apps
  4. Facebook Rising
  5. Demand for Speed is Greater than Ever
  6. Featured Snippets

Mobile –

  • Mobile As a Ranking Factor: Mobile first means when designing a website, make the mobile version first. Mobile became a ranking factor in April of 2015. Non-mobile friendly pages had a 46.6% loss on the first update, and 36.3% loss on the 2nd update (May 2016). Google wants to keep us on the mobile web rather than on apps.
  • The Need for Speed: Since Google has announced their next mobile update, page speed will be a large ranking factor. Facebook Instant Articles have an increased organic reach when compared to traditional posts. On FIA, Facebook can sell ads for you, with a 30% cut, but you make more since Facebook does a better job. Facebook rules news sites, and is the #1 way people get news.
  • Limited HTML/JS Elements Allowed: What Google is doing is giving you HTML as it was 10 years ago and simplifying code to make it smaller, simpler, and faster using AMP. With AMP, there is a 71% reduction in page size, so it’s a lot faster. Anybody participating in the AMP program can cache pages in your own cache network, which can almost double the speed. Faster pages really are a big deal, and the demand will increase. And, if you don’t do it, your competitor will.

Apps –

  • 44% of all digital media time is in a smartphone app. That’s an awful lot of time, so you need to have an app strategy. The number one installed app is Facebook, and 48% of those people consider it the most important app they have.
  • Should you build your own app? You can gain a captive audience and push messaging ability, but, does it make sense for your business?
  • App Store Optimization: Tweak your app store ranks to increase downloads and installs. 60% of people discover apps through the app store. Manage the direct factors you can set up like Titles and Keywords, and manage other areas of influence, like the Icon, Screen Shots, Category
  • Test and Refine your app – There is no such thing as putting up a perfect app store listing the first time.
  • When you get a featured snippet, it doubles the traffic on your page. Try submitting your post in Google Search Console.

What content marketing works?

  • Opinion Forming Journalism works – data-driven research gives you credibility when you tell it in an authoritative way. Be remarkable – be worth remarking on. Stand out somehow, be the purple cow that others can see.
  • Explore vertical opportunities – leverage a mega-brand and partner with them, invest specifically in one channel, find a way to be unique, work hard (focus, do something that others won’t, leverage date, put in the hours).
  • Be an expert, add value, help people with their problems, solve group problems. What do you know that your consumer doesn’t?
  • Publish content on 3rd party sites. Guest posts help you build your audience.
  • Social media sharing drives links. Use the right content.

To summarize:

  1. Get Mobile First/Embrace Mobile
  2. Facebook Instant Articles/AMP
  3. Apps (ASO/Deep Linking/Facebook Marketing)
  4. Featured Snippets
  5. Opinion Forming Journalism/Data Driven Research
  6. Influencer Targeted Content and Holistic Marketing





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