Writer’s Block is Painful – Get Unstuck with 6 Actionable Tips

Writer’s Block is Painful – Get Unstuck with 6 Actionable TipsWriter’s block may affect a lot of us, especially when writing is what wins us our bread-and-butter. But what about when you just can’t write? In other words, what do you do when you have the infamous writer’s block?

Writer’s Block Can Stem from Being Overwhelmed

As a writer, I often find myself facing writer’s block. Mostly it’s a result of thinking a lot about things that affect me, but over which I have little or no control – like world peace, or the meaning of life. But no matter what the cause is, you can’t afford to have writer’s block when your livelihood depends on it. Here’s a few ways to write when you can’t write!

6 Sure Tips to Beat Writer’s Block

1. Listen to Music

I like to listen to Buckethead or Plini while writing, since they both produce instrumental music. But even when I’m not writing, music plays a special role in my life – and then especially when I have writer’s block. Music helps you declutter your mind and relax it to an extent, wherein you can be free of everything causing the block.

2. Play Games

From computer games and outdoor sports to toys and board games, gaming always helps in filling you up with a lot of positive energy. I prefer playing soccer, since even if you don’t have a wide space, you can do a lot with the ball right where you are. If nothing, you can juggle the ball, which requires a lot of concentration and balance. Anything that gets your blood flowing helps.

3. Talk

A lot of times, writer’s block is the result of something that happened to you or might happen to you. And the best way to get over this cause is to talk things out. You could talk about it to a friend or a family member – or even your cat! Just make sure that you let it all out.

4. Pen Your Thoughts

There are certain situations where we aren’t comfortable discussing things going on in our heads with people we know. If that happens to be the reason behind the block, then by all means, go ahead and jot down your thoughts. You could even type your thoughts on your mobile phone or your laptop if you wish to. Just get it all out of your head.

5. Go Out for a Walk

There is absolutely nothing that can change your mind as quickly as nature can. Go out for a nice walk in the garden or a park nearby, and enjoy spending some time with Mother Nature. I’m sure you will return with a different perspective.

6. Eliminate Distractions

A cluttered work desk is more likely to lead to writer’s block than a clean one. I used to have a habit of keeping everything on my work desk. I thought I might need anything at any time, and should have everything right in front of me to make sure I wouldn’t spend time searching for things. However, I still often found myself with writer’s block. But when I finally decluttered the work desk and put things in separate drawers, the whole work environment changed for the good. All the extra space I saw made me feel like the place was a lot more open. And guess what? Ideas have been coming to me a lot more freely since then.

Writer’s Block Is Only Temporary

Starting to write is the big thing – now you just have to keep at it. The above tips are just some of the ways that you can overcome writer’s block when it occurs. I think we’d all agree that taking a walk away from your desk is necessary at times. Even Leonardo da Vinci said to “go away, have a little relaxation” so you could return to your work with “surer” judgment.

You can also establish your own new and innovative ways to overcome writer’s block. Just make sure your way of overcoming your own writer’s block doesn’t actually create a writer’s block for someone else. Find the tip most convenient for you and put it into action – and when in doubt, reach out to me on social media!

Do you deal with writer’s block on occasion? Have any favorite tips of your own to contribute? Share a suggestion in the comments – we’d love to hear it!

Syed Ali Mudassar

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