Bernadette Coleman, Rocks Digital Co-founder to Moderate Local Search Day Panels

Bernadette Coleman, Rocks Digital 2016Bernadette Coleman is the founder and CEO of Advice Local, an award-winning local search technology and local presence management company focused on improving visibility for clients across the local digital universe.

She has been actively involved in digital marketing with an emphasis on local SEO since 2001. Referred to as the Queen of Local SEO by industry peers, Bernadette is always thinking about how businesses, small and large, can leverage content marketing, search engine optimization and social media to dominate local search.

In her spare time, she and her husband, Tom, work as advocates for brain injury awareness through their co-founded nonprofit, TryMunity.

Presentation Details

Local Search SMB Panel

The morning Local Search Panel focuses on SMBs. Panelists will explore local search ranking factors, the importance of location data and how both impact the visibility of businesses in desktop and mobile search results.

You can bet the topic of Micro-Moments will come up, along with how consumers are using their smart devices to find what they want, when they want it, while on the go. Digital assistants likes Google Now, Siri, Cortana and Alexa will also be part of this important conversation.

Meet the panelists – Saffie Farris, Ben Kilimer and Joe Youngblood.

Presentation Details

Local Search Brand Panel

The afternoon Local Search Panel focuses on brands and multi-location businesses and the unique challenges they face, stemming from targeting more than one area. Panelists will share real world examples they’ve implemented, in specific geographic areas, to expand the digital footprint of client businesses. Location data, mobile and Micro-Moments are important factors for brands; the advanced methods needed to approach these factors will also be part of the discussion.

SMBs this panel is definitely for you, too! We’re sure you want to extend the reach of your business at some point. The strategies and methods presented for the larger businesses and brands can apply to you, too. Come learn how to expand the influence of your brand for multiple locations in local search!

Meet the panelists – Greg Gifford, Rachel Morgan and Karen Platt Bearman.

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