What Is The Best Times to Post on Social Media? [Infographic]

I have to ask … Have you ever wondered what the best time is to post on social media? Have you ever asked someone that question? If so, you are not alone in being curious. Everyone wants to know the answer.

When a business owner or entrepreneur first starts out posting on social media they need a guideline to help them get started.

Below is an infographic entitled “The Science of Posting on Social Media”. Use these recommendations only as your guideline, not as the all-inclusive must do and follow step-by-step.

Make sure that you remember, the best time to post on social media is when your target audience is available and online.

How To Find Your Best Times to Post on Social Media

  • Use common sense (i.e. stay-at-home moms are not online during times they would be running their kids to school, cooking lunch or prepping them for bed)
  • Post consistently over a two-week timeframe at the same time
  • Change the timeframes somewhat for those that are not getting interaction
  • Be open to change

Social media changes all the time and so do the algorithms, so don’t think you need to stay with something if it stops working. You will always need to be ready to change and adjust to maximize your digital marketing footprint.

The Science Of Posting On Social Media

Graphic By SetUpABlogToday.com

Lissa Duty

Lissa Duty is Social Media Coach, Author, Speaker & Trainer. 20 years of marketing, administrative and management experience working to grow your business.

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