Butch Bellah, Sales Expert, To Speak on Being a Sales Superstar

Butch Bellah, Sales Expert to Speak at Digital Marketing Conference in DallasButch Bellah, Sales Expert to Speak in Dallas

Butch Bellah is the owner of B2 Training & Development which specializes in Business & Sales Coaching, Training and Education. Butch’s passion is to create Sales Superstars and teach business owners how to better market and sell their products and services. With over 25-years of sales, sales management and sales training experience Butch is uniquely qualified to teach you how to avoid pitfalls, break out of slumps or simply improve your selling skills.

Butch spent almost 16 years with a large regional wholesale food distributor and helped grow it from $35 million in annual sales to more than $250 million before acquiring the company as a minority shareholder with a business partner.

He is also an accomplished speaker and regularly speaks to groups throughout the southwest helping companies, individuals and sales teams get more appointments, land more new business and retain more customers—all while focusing on bottom line profits. In his speaking engagements he is able to draw on more than 10-years of experience as a professional stand-up comedian – “THAT was the best sales training I ever received!” He is also the past President of Sales & Marketing Executives.

Butch’s first book “The 10 Essential Habits of Sales Superstars: Plugging into the Power of Ten” is out on bookshelves now and gives you a roadmap for creating the habits that lead to increased sales results.

Butch has been named one of the Top 50 Sales Experts and one of the Top 100 Business Coaches to follow on Twitter in 2014

Butch’s mission in life is simple: “I want to be a Difference Maker for others—whether inspiring them with my speaking, writing or through training and coaching. I truly believe we CAN Make a Difference in OUR world.

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Plug into the Power & Become A Sales Superstar

In this session, Butch will explore the top 4 habits of Sales Superstars. He will be focusing on: Building the Base, Gaining an Extra Week Every Year, Preparing to Succeed and Never Stop Learning and Growing. Drawing on decades of successful experience selling, managing sales organizations, and training sales people, Butch has wisdom for the new salesperson and established veterans alike. As he likes to say, “You can make an excuse or make a difference and the energy required is about the same.” If you are ready to make a difference in your sales results, this is a session you cannot miss.

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