Cracking the Networking CODE

Dallas Social Media Conference, Dean Lindsay, Cracking the Networking CodeDean Lindsay, keynote speaker, presented “Cracking the Networking CODE” at #DFWRocks2014. A few of the highlights of his presentation are listed below.

Dean Lindsay’s The 6 P’s of Progress

The first networking function Dean ever attended, the first person who approached him asked “Do you have vinyl siding?” and put his business card right into Dean’s coat pocket (and the card is probably still there). This was a connection failure because Networking is about creating connections – the only thing that you are “selling” when you are networking is yourself.

Everything that we do consciously or subconsciously, (the collective “we”) is because we believe that the perceived consequences will be the 6 P’s of progress.

  • Pleasure
  • Peace of Mind
  • Profit
  • Prestige
  • Pain Avoidance
  • Power

Why do we give out awards? Prestige

Everything on Social Media is about influence and persuasion. The goal is to put content on social media that starts conversations. You can be very active on social media and not be putting out content that anyone is interested in.

So,  every time you put out something on social media – think about the 6 P’s

The Networking CODE is:

C – Create Personal Curb Appeal
O – Open Relationships (Face-to-Face or Online)
D – Deliver Solid First Impressions  – SMILE!
E – Earn Trust

If we want people to be jazzed about being around us – we need to be jazzed about being us. If we want relationships with successful people, we have to be successful people.

Seek networking “moments.” Handshakes are still very relevant.

Really believe that you can pull your conversational weight. You don’t necessarily need to PROVE that you can pull your conversational weight. Study your prospects/clients industries and the industry literature.

If there is something you don’t like about yourself – FIX IT.

Find the right people to connect with – you can network 24/7 via the Internet. ~ Dean Lindsay

The goal shouldn’t be to go to more functions or join more groups. The goal is to have a good understanding of your clients/prospects.

  1. Focus on being interested rather than interesting
  2. Make sure you are meeting them/getting information, then let them connect with others
  3. Find the next step

Visit Dean’s website,, to learn more about him.

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