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Faith Murphy On How To Create Brand Love

Faith Murphy – How To Create Brand Love

Moved across LA to work with the first business. Overture eventually became Yahoo. Verizon just recently bought Yahoo! Yahoo! News is one of the most shared news sites.

Oath: Owns several digital brands (kind of like the P & G of the internet).

Businesses must work to build brands that people love. You start to build brand love by building relationships. For instance, in this meeting room there are different people from different walks of life. You work to build relationships with the people you meet everyday in real life.

Regardless of what you do, ultimately, EVERY DAY you are building a brand – whether your realize this or not.

How we consume our content has changed dramatically over the years.

As businesses, we are focusing on a handfull of things to help build our businesses. Example: working on local SEO, online reputation, etc.

You must work to make sure that whatever you do that has your business interacting with consumers, you must make sure that you’re giving the best service you can. For example, when you send a tech out to help a customer, you want that tech to give THE BEST service they can, so that what they’re doing reflects well on your company.

Content is Facebook, Content is Instagram, CONTENT IS EVERYTHING.

So how are consumers consuming their content?

74% of advertising agencies are taking a serious look of where their ads are showing up. But are brands really accountable for the content their ads are adjacent to?

Well, 75% of consumers believe that advertisers are responsible for where their ads show up.

Here’s what happens after seeing ads next to questionable content:

  • 74% say they have a lower opinion of the company that is featured in the ad – even if where the ad appears is NOT the fault of the company featured in the ad!
  • 83 million people in the U.S. have made some serious considerations on how they are going to consume their content.
  • In response, changes consumers have made include the fact that 54% seek trustworthy content

Premium Content vs. Non-Premium Content

  • Premium content is that generated by companies: Example: Yahoo! News.
  • Non-premium content is that which is generated by consumers.

People are now saying they want to see more professional reporting and reliability!

People are deleting their apps because the content is no longer showing them information that’s right for them, and the content shown is not in alignment with their goals.

Defining quality content by category…

News: trustworthy, important, insightful
Sports: covers MY sports, entertaining, trustworthy

Premium content drives greater ad response.

A study was done to show what happens when people see an ad next to two different types of content. When consumers are happy with the quality of the content they are seeing they are more likely to share it.

Love Builds Brands – What Builds Love?

There are 3 building blocks:

  • Consistent Bond – respects consumers , elevates experiences
  • Emotional Connection – builds trust , shares values
  • Functional Base – exceeds needs , sets trends

There Are Six Drivers Of Brand Love

  • Exceed Needs
  • Set Trends
  • Build Trust
  • Share Values
  • Elevate Experiences
  • Respect Consumers

Ex: Most people do not like to get on the phone, and would prefer to just send a text if at all possible. It’s important to know how your customers PREFER to interact with your business, instead of going with what you prefer.


  • 10K brand messages seen every day

What does it take to exceed those needs?

  • First off, you CANNOT just rely on emotion – emotion only goes so far. You need to work to build a strong presence.
  • Video is the wave of the future. It is how we are consuming content.

Consumers CRAVE innovation. Millennials LOVE disruptors. Millennials are forgiving IF the goof-ups occur due to a company working to be innovative.

  • 68% of consumers are willing to pay more for an innovative brand
  • 154M mobile VR users by 2020
  • 8% of marketers are using VR

What it takes to set trends:

Innovation doesn’t stop at your product or service. Reinvent every touchpoint with consumers.

Look at where you start your conversation and where it ends – where the consumer finds you, and what happens when they finish using your product or service.

Rethink – Reinvent – Repeat

Find innovative ways to tell your brand story.

At the present time, trust is at an all time low:

  • 75% of consumers hold brands responsible for the adjacent content
  • 48% of consumers trust content from social media sites

What It Takes To Build Trustworthiness

Make it personal, and tap into your consumer’s mobile device!

  • 81% deeper trust when consumers interact with a brand on mobile 3 or more times

Consumers demand action from brands. We expect brands we love and trust to go and take a stand.

  • Ex: Verizon launched a big campaign to show that they are working to make sure that the phone calls you make are actually getting made.

What it takes to share values

  • Take a stand
  • Use storytelling to act on your values
  • Show them with immersive experiences

Consumers are spending more time on their mobile devices. This means that your content needs to be more memorable so that people are more likely to share your content with others.

  • 90% of our time is spent on our mobile apps
  • Moments App – Lets you know how much time you spend on various apps on your mobile devices.

Experience is a key brand differentiator

What it takes to elevate experiences? Set the standard on memorable, immersive experiences.

  • Make extraordinary the everyday
  • Connect in unexpected ways

Consumers expect a seamless experience

  • 61% of consumers don’t mind branded content as long as it is entertaining
  • 87% of consumers think advertising is intrusive
  • 71% of consumers want ads

What it takes to respect consumers? Love grows when brands integrate seamlessly!


Key takeaways:

  • Advertisers are right to avoid questionable content / fake news
  • It is not just questionable content that advertisers should be wary of, it is also low quality content

What is Gemini?

Oath Gemini is a uniquely evolutionary ad product that achieves better results by precisely targeting audiences.


Create and curate content and advertising.

  • Promise to our consumers and customers
  • Everyone in the world with a mobile phone
  • Emotion for commitment and adoration

Edgar Griggs

Edgar Griggs loves to learn about new technologies and high tech gadgets! You’ll find him at local events around the DFW Metroplex and sometimes blogging for websites like The Interestingly Cool Stuff Blog and his TrendHunter page at!

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