Heather Nichols to Speak on Crafting Content that Sticks

Heather Nichols, Marketing Strategy Expert to Speak at Dallas Digital Marketing ConferenceHeather Nichols to Speak on Crafting Content in Dallas

Heather Nichols, is the Marketing Strategist and Automobile Radio Singer at The Biz Fizz, LLC

From making a mean batch of homemade biscuits to creating marketing strategy with business owners, Heather Nichols helps executives make more dough in less time.  A former corporate sales star, she yearned for better marketing to facilitate the connection with her own clients and now continues helping other businesses bridge the gap between sales and marketing to gain and retain customers.  This journey led her to author the book, “From Biscuits to Business, How to Make Your Own Dough”.

Her own business growth is a result of emphasis in referral marketing and engaging online marketing strategies, with a particular awareness to the power of language and tone.  She has worked with businesses in advertising, real estate, legal, home remodel, home health, education, cosmetics, tech device, sales coaching, and non-profits.  She’s a member of the American Marketing Association, is involved in her local Chamber of Commerce, is a Success Coach for Master Networks, is a wife and mom, is a 6th grade girls’ Sunday school teacher, and loves speaking, tennis, and watching Shark Tank and The Profit with her husband Tim.  And although Heather has cut back on her biscuit consumption, she continues to help others create more dough.

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Crafting Content That Makes Site Visitors Want to Stick Around

You’ve got site traffic? Great! You’re encouraged by seeing that people are finally finding you and your website. The numbers may even be climbing, but are you still wondering when your visitors will take the next step? Now what? Ironically, although it’s been said, if your business is not on the first page of Google, it doesn’t exist. But, what if you ARE on the first page, someone clicks on your site, and they just LEAVE again? Find out why many businesses are losing website visitors and what you can do about it? In this session, “Learn 7 Ways to Make Online Visitors Stay”.

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