How to Complete the WordPress SEO by Yoast Plugin

One important plugin to have on your website is the WordPress Yoast SEO Plugin. This plugin will help you to easily SEO optimize the content you are publishing for posts and pages. It also has settings included to select title, description and image that appears when you or others are sharing the post or page on the various social networking sites.

How To Complete The General Tab in the WordPress SEO by Yoast Plugin

Focus KeywordWordPress SEO by Yoast Focus Keyword

  • Look at your post title as well as the content and determine your Focus Keyword or Keyword Phrase
  • Enter this phrase into the Keyword Area in the General Tab
  • Under Focus Keyword you will see “Focus keyword usage”. (This bulleted list will tell you if you have used your keyword or phrase in all the right places for optimal SEO. If one of these says “No” I would suggest you go back to that area to see if you can find a creative way to add in your Focus Keyword.)

SEO Title WordPress SEO by Yoast Title

  • Copy and paste the title of your page or post in this blank
  • If you get the word “WARNING” under this blank after entering your title you will need to shorten your title until that warning goes away. (This title is what appears in search engines and if your title is too long it will be cut off in the display.)
  • Make sure when shortening your title that the Focus Keyword is still included within the title

Meta DescriptionWordPress SEO by Yoast Meta Description

  • This is a brief description of your post or page that displays in search engines. Make sure it would compel the reader to click the link.
  • Must be no more than 156 characters and contain the Focus Keyword
  • Often times you can take the first sentence or two from your post or page and shorten it up to complete this meta description. (If you choose, you can write a totally different meta description.)

Once you have filled in the Yoast plugin General Tab clicked save draft, it will then give you an SEO score as well as listing out the places where your post or page needs some work to improve your score. If you follow the basic steps outlined here you will be on your way to increasing your posts / pages SEO ranking. The preview that users will see of your page / post information in a search will look something like this.

Completing The Social Tab within the WordPress SEO Yoast Plugin

Once you have completed the General Tab you can now use most of that information to complete the Social Tab.

Post / Page Title WordPress SEO by Yoast Facebook Title

  • Copy and paste the title from the General Tab into the Social tab in the blank for Facebook Title. We usually add the website or company name after the title. (Example: How to Complete the Yoast SEO Plugin | Rocks Digital)
  • Copy and paste the title and information you listed in the Facebook area above into the Twitter Title and Google Title
  • For the Twitter Title, change the company name to your twitter handle (Example: How to Complete the Yoast SEO Plugin via @RocksDigital). When someone shares your post from the share plugin it will link to your Twitter account automatically.

Post / Page Description WordPress SEO by Yoast Facebook Description

  • Click back to the General tab and copy the meta description information, click on the Social tab and paste that description into the Facebook description box. (You have more character space here, so feel free to make this description a bit longer if you would like.
  • Copy and paste the description you listed in the Facebook area above into the Twitter Description and Google Description.

Featured Image WordPress SEO by Yoast Facebook Featured Image

  • One last step to complete in filling out the Social Tab within the Yoast SEO plugin and that is to select the featured image that you would like displayed when you or someone else shares the post or page on social media.
  • Usually you would select the image you added to the post or page as your featured image. However, it can be a different image. You have total control over selecting the image that displays.

Working through completing the Yoast SEO Plugin can be a bit time consuming and challenging at first, but it is worth every bit of the effort.

This plugin will help you to make sure each post and page is optimized for search, and if done correctly, will help increase your ranking on Google and other search engines.

Writing great content is only one part of the process. Making it easy for others to find it through search and share it is the next part.

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