Are You Ready for the Largest Social Media Day Celebration in Texas?

Social Media Day 2015Yesterday, technology giant, Mashable announced their sixth annual Social Media Day Celebration that occurs each year on June 30th around the world. Rocks Digital is ready to celebrate! Are you ready? Before we dive into the details… let’s explore the history of Social Media Day.

What is “Social Media Day”?

Social Media Day is an annual celebration of social media and the impact it has made on how we do business. Through the power of social media EVERYONE from all walks of life can connect, do business and compete with the top brands.

It originated in 2010 when Mashable successfully received the first Social Media Day Proclamation from Victoria, B.C., Canada. Cities around the globe quickly followed suit. Businesses and individuals from around the world gather together at meetups, tweetups, conferences, events and happy hours to celebrate June 30th – Social Media Day. No matter what day of the week June 30 falls on; this is the official day everyone around the world will be celebrating the power of social media.

The Rock’s Digital Social Media Day celebration is the oldest and largest in Texas and over the years we have learned how to do it right!

Rocks Digital Social Media Day Celebration

This is the 4th year for Texas to celebrate Social Media Day in a big way. We are dedicated to providing essential and important education for individuals from all walks of life to stay on the cutting edge of digital marketing.

Attending the Rocks Digital Marketing Conference (formerly DFW Rocks Social Media) is one of the best ways to have an all-in-one opportunity to learn from the best of the best on the topics of Content, Local SEO, Search, Social Media, Mobile and Business Development.

To close out the conference each year on Social Media Day, June 30th, we end the day by hosting the annual Mashable’s Social Media Day Tweetup, which is attended not only by conference attendees, but members of many other groups such as the Dallas-Fort Worth WordPress Group, DFW Social Media Marketing Group, DFW SEM & SEO Meetup, DFW Search Engine Marketing Association and Social Media Dallas. We all join together for one big party!

Don’t Take Our Word For It

As I select speakers each year for the conference, I think about those I have been watching over the previous year grow into their own, the pros that have been at it and continue to inspire, the enthusiasm exhibited on social media and passion for digital marketing. One of the important attributes of each speaker at the conference is they have the desire to learn, share and share some more … their knowledge that is.

Here is what Patty Farmer, International Speaker, Marketing & Social Media Strategist has to say about celebrating social media day with us each year:

As a 4x speaker at the #RocksDigital Social Media Day conference, I have to say it is the #1 digital marketing conference that gives you the tips, tools and tactics to implement in your business in bite size actionable steps for sustainable growth by some of the top experts in the country. A must attend event for small business owners, entrepreneurs and digital marketers.

Each year one of our top priorities is to select the most important topics and find the best speakers to present that information. Our speakers are comprised of local and national recognized experts, such as Eric T. Tung, Eve Mayer, and John Sparks, who were all three recognized in the Top-100 Social Media Power Influencers, 2015 Edition published by StatSocial each year.

Here is what Eric had to say about Rocks Digital and Social Media Day:

“Social Media Day celebrates the unique, changing, and evolving technologies that exist to support this vibrant platform. As my second year actively participating in Lissa’s conference, it’s great to see so many people coming together to recognize the impact that Social Media has on marketing, sales, recruiting, customer service, and business in general.”

When I think Social Media Influencer I think @EricTTung, which over 145,000 followers on Twitter, he is always on his social game, and no matter the platform, his tweets and opinions are always welcomed and listened too. He makes you think, laugh and so much more. I look forward to seeing what he comes up with this year at #RocksDigital as the hashtag trends on Twitter

We managed to grab a quick quote from John Sparks, who will be emceeing the Social Media Track this year

“It’s a blessing to be celebrating Social Media Day this year with family and friends right here in my own hometown. Dallas has made major headway this year in becoming one of the most social cities in the country. Can’t wait to build new relationships and see the new and exciting things coming out of #RocksDigital.”

With over 246,000 followers on Twitter, @IamJohnSparks is definitely someone you want to pay attention to. I am happy that he has put #RocksDigital as a stop on his “365 Ideas To Go From Good to Great On TWITTER” book tour.

How are you going to be celebrating social media day this year? Don’t think of June 29th and June 30th as the end of June, but instead the start of your digital marketing greatness.

I challenge you to join us in Dallas, Texas and get your social on! If you can’t make the trip to Dallas, find a local group to celebrate with. You could be the one to start something new in your city this year or inspire others too!

Make Social Media Day 2015 the best yet! We are at Rocks Digital!

Rocks Digital

We ROCK Local, Social and Mobile and want to make sure you have a place to learn all about it. From our digital marketing resources to our annual digital marketing conference we are here for you!

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