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#SEJSummit Dallas Social Media Management & Facebook Ads

SEJ Summit Dallas, Kate Buck, Facebook SpeakerWe are back at #SEJSummit Dallas live and talking about Social Media Management and Facebook Advertising Strategies.

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“Facebook for Brands”

Kate Buck Jr., Director at Social Media Manager Pro

Facebook Advertising Strategy

  1. Deploy a strategic re-engagement campaign to activate existing fans and increase organic reach
  2. Leverage lookalike audience functionality to find and connect with new highly targeted fans
  3. Use transaction-based direct response invitations to create meaningful connections between your fans and your brand beyond social.
  • Social Properties are often launched and then abandoned due to things like lack of staff and/or lack of focus
  • Increase staff and strategy
  • Constantly engage with fans
  • Create Social Media community events
  • Gain a deep knowledge of competitors
  • Audience Re-engagement
  • Audience Growth
  • Direct to Product (invitation) campaigns

Proven Posts

  • Use posts that have proven to get engagement from fans
  • Target existing current page likes first
  • Gain Organic Traction
  • Very cost effective first campaign to gain insight into your fans
  • Also getting exposure to new fans
  • Continue to create new content at the same time

Create a Lookalike & Custom Audiences

  • Conversion Pixel – place on landing page and Facebook will create an audience that most closely matches the users that have fired the conversion pixel
  • Upload your own email lists segmented by purchases
  • Audience Growth continues with extremely targeted “likes”

Direct Response/Commerce to Create More Meaningful Connections

Test image, targeting, headline, copy
Looking for highest click thru rate, lowest cost per action, relevance score

SEJ Summit Dallas, Kate Buck, Lissa Duty and Marty Weintraub“Social Media Brand Management”

Lissa Duty, VP of Community Management at Advice Interactive Group

Real-time Brand Management

It takes only one unhappy customer to create a social media crisis

Example:  Play-doh Extruder Tool – waited too long to respond, they did not monitor social media to combat the negative responses.

Should have created a response as soon as they knew it would be a problem, drafted potential scenario responses, get ahead of the problem

Good example: Chevy spokesman is quoted as saying “Technology and stuff”, instead of ignoring it they jumped on the band wagon with a sense of humor and created an entire campaign around it.

The Social Media Process

  • Schedule for monitoring and responding and have a back up
  • Social media account access should be available to others to pick up if someone is out
  • Who is responsible for monitoring and how often
  • Company expectations for social media should be clearly spelled out
  • Have aligned marketing/social strategy
  • Marketing Team works in conjunction with Social
  • POC responsible for ensuring marketing objectives are aligned

Reputation Monitoring and Responses

  • Consistent messaging – support responses should match across platforms
  • Website FAQs and online answers should be consistent
  • Social and customer service teams need to know what is on the website
  • Inconsistent answers are a negative customer experience

Customer Service

  • Have a response strategy for positive response and negative feedback both
  • Escalation procedure with POC name and contact information
  • Ignored feedback (positive or negative) can escalate quickly

Monitoring and Management tools

  • Notifications via RSS
  • Email alerts
  • Hootsuite, Sprout Social, Buffer
  • Make sure account alerts are being emailed to a social media account that is being monitored

Content Sources

  • Pre-approved content to share on socials
  • 3rd party websites approved for posting on social media
  • Keyword searches to identify content of  social sharing
  • Content Sites – Alltop, Forbes, Harvard Biz Review
  • Content Tools – Klout, Hootsuite, Postplanner, Feedly

SEJ Summit Dallas, Marty Weintraub“3 Red Hot Social Marketing Hacks to Crush 2015”

Marty Weintraub, Evangelist & Founder of aimClear

To make money with Social you must integrate!

Sell Internet Wide with Psychographics

  • Psychographics is the part of us that makes us who we are and what we have to target to get people to buy what we are selling
  • These are all tracked on the internet to target ads, etc.
  • Building tight personas – “root” the persona (ie: foodies)
  • Active targeting intent – dining out with, traveling with, etc.
  • Financial qualification – behaviors, job title, etc.
  • Some personas may have dual personas – veterans, mortgage, previously employed by the US military
  • Specificity vs. Scale – start by over qualifying initially then you can expand from there
  • Advise targeting with search – if you are marketing to people that use theme parks then go search theme parks
  • External Traffic Driving Unit -Drive people back to the blog posts or back to an active page of your website

Scalable Psychographic Traffic

  • Re-target filters
  • Attributable conversion
  • Real links from good authority sites
  • Social signals rom strong users
  • Focused likes, follow shares

New expectations for social marketers

  • Team created, owned-audience cookie pools for performance marketers to exploit
  • Filtered re-targeting from social cookie pools
  • Owned audiences are brand assets
  • Curate audiences
  • Use remarketing to target people that have visited your site
  • Understanding how to filter following is a prerequisite for modern marketers

Diana Wells

Diana Wells is a writer, a poet, a blogger, an event manager and someone that loves to make people laugh. Lover and rescuer of any kind of animal, especially dogs, horses, hedgehogs, elephants and sloths. She doesn’t actually rescue elephants and sloths but supports organizations that do.

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