The SEO Mindset with Joe Youngblood at #RocksDigital

Joe Youngblood Rocks Digital 2015Joe Youngblood said in his presentation this morning at the Rocks Digital Marketing Conference that his presentation is more correctly  titled “MY” SEO Mindset. And the first thing you need to do with SEO is to actually START doing it!

How to Start SEO

  • Research & Audit
  • Have a well built website
  • Good base of page content
  • All pages targeted correctly
  • Link building to important content
  • Advertising campaigns & social media

Rinse and Repeat!

Keep in mind that SEO people are control freaks, they think they should be in charge of everything but are usually limited to Title Tags, Meta descriptions, etc.

When thinking about SEO and SEO folks, keep the following in mind:

  • SEO people are both code AND data nerds!
  • Often, expectations are unrealistic – SEO isn’t instantaneous
  • You can train and work hard and STILL punch yourself in the face
  • Clients/Bosses and SEO folks are often at odds because SEO folks know things that other people don’t understand
  • Don’t need to be the biggest, best and the smartest – sometimes you just need ingenuity
  • Penalties are not easily fixed
  • You need the right tools for the job
  • If you have the right tools, you can do amazing things
  • Look for opportunity
  • Experiment – you can make really cool stuff and you can make really beautiful stuff
  • Google doesn’t want you to get traffic
  • Search Engines are not perfect

There was a lot of information in this session at the conference but these were the highlights. Do you have any more SEO tips that you have found work well for you?

To learn more about Joe Youngblood you can read his full bio on Rocks Digital.

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