Simple Secrets To A Consistent Brand Online and Offline

Secrets to a Consistent BrandDoes your website, social media and brand match who you really are? I mean, really WHO you are. Today as I sit as my desk working on branding, I ask you “Does your brand offline and online remain consistent?

Your customers have expectations and these expectations are formed based on the message you send them through your logo, the photos you share on social media, your website design, and what you say in your content on your website, in blog posts and even your tweets.

5 Easy Tips to Maintain A Consistent Brand Online and Offline

As a person that manages four brands – each one having it’s on unique look, feel and personality – I can tell you that it can be challenging to stay consistent and keep them straight. Today, I want to help you solve this problem in your branding!

1. Create a master file online of all branding documents, sales pieces and logos. Keep it current.

First and foremost it is important that every print piece, image and design has the same logo. The tiniest adjustment can take away from the brand recognition. You need to make sure each handout used by you and others is the same and accurate. Creating a central place with all the files kept up to date ensures everyone has access to the most current version.

2. Create a chart that includes the basics about your brand.

This would include each logo, short description of the tone and voice for the company, color samples, and color codes. For example, if your branding colors are navy blue and gray, then your website, custom landing pages and infographics should maintain that color scheme and have the correct navy blue and gray, not just anyone of them.

3. Maintain a consistent brand personality.

This refers specifically to the content you write on your website, social media posts and more. For example, if your brand is fun and snarky, make sure to include that in your writing style. If your brand is serious, you can’t decide to be snarky one time because your customers could take it the wrong way.

4. Always refer to your company, products, and services the same way.

This is a big one for brands and the more your company grows the harder it is to keep your team aligned. For example, you can’t be a digital marketing company today and a web development agency tomorrow. Digital marketing encompasses web design and marketing, while a web development agency just builds websites. Using different names and wording confuses the customer and sends mixed messages.

5. Have a team that is dedicated to brand consistency.

A lot of times when a company is growing or has multiple teams working on projects the brand messaging can splinter in different directions. This doesn’t happen intentionally, but the fact is people make up teams and different people perceive visions, goals and objectives differently. What appeals to one person will not appeal to another. While, it is excellent to spur creativity and to have different people on brand projects, it can cause the brand messaging or goals to vary. You need to have someone that is the final overseer of the project. This person would ensure the correct logo is used, the colors are right, and that the voice, tone and wording is consistent.

So, I could go on and on with this list, but I think these 5 are the most important for any brand, whether you are big or small! Remember, we all start somewhere! So, why not start today?

What tips would you add to this list? How have you been doing at maintaining brand consistency online and offline?

Lissa Duty

Lissa Duty is Social Media Coach, Author, Speaker & Trainer. 20 years of marketing, administrative and management experience working to grow your business.

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