Guest Blogging to Build Your Network and Your Influence

The Value of Guest BloggingHave you been thinking about guest blogging, but you keep putting it on the back burner? Guest blogging is a powerful way to get your name out online and increase your authority.

Benefits of Blogging on Your Website

  • Adding content to your site for your readers
  • Helps with SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  • Opportunity to get picked up by article directories and gain exposure from their audience

Now, just think for a second, those are the benefits of blogging on your website. Let’s explore the benefits of guest blogging and reaching someone else’s audience.

Benefits of Guest Blogging on Other Websites

  1. Serving your audience (because, let’s face it, your audience follows you wherever you go)
  2. Serving someone else’s audience too
  3. Opportunity to stretch out of your familiar comfort zone and share your knowledge with a new audience

By guest blogging you extend your reach to a much greater audience than you would by simply staying within the boundaries of your own blog.

3 More Reason Guest Blogging Is Good For You

  1. Ability to increase the strength of your brand by saying you’re an expert contributor on other websites. (Blogging on your own website is a no brainer, but someone else having confidence to let you write on their website takes your authority to another level.)
  2. Improve your branding by optimizing the author page or section. Even if it is just your name, that is still branding and it is important for people to associate your name with current, relevant information. If the blog allows you to have a picture or logo, that is even better.
  3. Link to the website of your choice. (This is great for SEO and unless the website employs a “no follow” tag you will get SEO through that backlink when you post a link to your website on their website.)

Referring back to the link you choose to post either in your author profile or in the blog itself (depending on the sites rules) – choose your link wisely. Don’t simply put the link to your home page and call it good. If you are working on branding your website then sure, post a link to your homepage, if you want the readers to see the books you have written send them to the page on your site where your books are or send them to the blog page or an event page on your site. Choose your link purposefully and send people where it will actually benefit your brand and the reader.

Value These Communities (and they will value you)

  • Read the other blogs that are posted on the site and see how you can add value to the experience.
  • Speak to the readers in your writing and comments to let them share in your feelings and thoughts.
  • Be personable and entertaining as you offer them your point of view and share your experiences

What is my favorite reason to guest blog?

My favorite reason to guest blog is for the braggin’ rights of course. Being a contributing expert for the Rocks Digital blog, to sum it up, it is because it just rocks!

Are you a guest blogger? What are some of the benefits you have received from guest blogging? Please comment and let us all share in your success.

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