How to Create Your Company’s SUPER Social Media Strategy

Super Social Media StrategyIn order to be a SUPER social media manager, you need to develop a powerhouse social media strategy.

This is essential in ensuring that the use of the various platforms available is actually in line with your company’s mission. A proper SUPER social media strategy acts as a guideline to you and those who work for you and are in charge of managing your social media. It helps all of you to deal with the numerous risks that face users of highly interactive customers and audiences.

Answer These Questions to Create A SUPER Social Media Strategy

  1. Know Your organization’s mission and communication strategy
  2. How your social media activities support that mission
  3. The appropriate content and online products you intend to create to draw people to your site and social media channels
  4. Define the roles and responsibilities of employees such as; social media super manager, content creators, curators, account administrators, content providers, OR if one person is to wear all of these hats

Content creation doesn’t need not to be left to the individuals in the IT and public affairs departments only. It can be done by subject experts across your company.

What You Need to Understand When Designing a SUPER Social Media Strategy

  • Social media account set up procedures
  • Your organization’s audience on each social media channel
  • The times that are best to give them content and have conversation

While setting up social media accounts, you should opt for either centralized or decentralized decision-making. In centralized decision making, the super social media manager simply sets up accounts for the decentralized subunits. In decentralized decision-making, the central social media strategy only provides the context but then every subunit decides how many accounts are opened.

As far as audience is concerned, you need to establish a social media presence that is not too intrusive for your audience. It’s important to respond to them by providing opportunities for input and encouraging them to share content.

How You Are Going to Manage the Social Media Accounts

  • Online access alternatives, not just your computer, but your tablet or smart phone, etc.
  • Social networking services, tools and platforms
  • Online etiquette and comment policy

Selection of a specific social networking tool should be made as one of the last decisions in the social media strategy design process. Instead, you need to focus on your audience, your organization’s mission and appropriateness of your online content, before deciding which tools or combinations of social media channels to allow.

A successful SUPER social media strategy involves defining your expectations for online interactions with your audience. Always respect your audience and be sure to accept and respond to their comments and questions. Social media is about actually being social.

The secret to creating a great strategy is getting started! How did you create the social media strategy for your company?

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Anthony Ryan is the founder of anthonyryanmedia & be SUPER social! Professor at the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communications. He teaches WordPress, Facebook, Twitter and social media business etiquette to students each semester. Funny enough, he also teaches these to business owners.

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