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The Low-Down on the Pre-Conference Workshops at Rocks Digital 2015

Rocks Digital Pre-Conference WorkshopsSo by now, you probably realize each year I get to plan and coordinate an extremely large digital marketing conference to celebrate Social Media Day. (Love it!)

We try each year to increase the value of the conference for the attendees. This is way easier said then done, but I think the 2015 conference has once again met the challenge.

For the 2015 Rocks Digital Marketing Conference, we have added pre-conference workshops on June 29. These are WORKshops, so that means bring your laptop and be ready to do some work.

Registration opens at 9 am, arrive promptly to get registered and claim your seat. Make sure to bring your morning coffee with you and we will have some fun!

No catering is onsite this day but there are a number of restaurants very close by for lunch, however, if you will need an energy boost bring it along in your computer bag. The venue will be providing water service, but that is it drink and food wise.

Rocks Digital 2015 Pre-Conference Workshops

Since everyone likes to get a sneak peek into what they are going to learn, here is short summary of each workshop.

10 am – LinkedIn Workshop

John Nosal, the CEO of SEO and co-author of Your LinkedIn Professional Network: How to Connect, Optimize, and Implement for Success is going kick off the day with the first workshop.

LinkedIn has a lot of bells and whistles, so he could literally present all day on this topic and you still wouldn’t know everything there is to know about LinkedIn. In this 50-minute workshop John will be focusing specifically on how to effectively complete your LinkedIn profile and optimize it for search. An effective LinkedIn profile tells a story and he will walk you through the components to tell the best story possible.

11 am – Twitter Workshop

The next workshop is presented by yours truly – Lissa Duty. If you know me or have ever heard me present you know I love social media and in this workshop I will be presenting on Twitter. Now in this workshop I am NOT going to walk you through registering a Twitter account or teach you how to tweet. You are going to learn how to write engaging tweets that will get retweeted and create conversation amongst those following you.

Twitter seems really simple on the surface and sending a tweet is conceived as easy, creating engagement with your tweet is the real challenge. I will cover as much as I can in this 50-minute workshop. Be ready with your laptop to write a few tweets of your own for practice. Unfortunately, I will not be able to cover everything about Twitter in this workshop. My book, 25 Tips to Twitter Success: Learn How to Market Yourself, Brand and Business Online, will be on hand so if you want to know more about Twitter you will be able to purchase one on site and get an autographed copy.

12 pm to 1 pm – On-Your Own Lunch

We will stop for a one-hour lunch, where you can head out to grab a quick bite nearby. You definitely will NOT want to miss hearing the 1 pm workshop, so get back quickly.

1 pm – Online Visibility Workshop

Randall Turner, the COO of Advice Interactive Group will be presenting “Your Visibility Checkup: How to Take Control of Your Data”. In this workshop, he will talk with you about the importance of understanding everything about how your business is represented online, walk you through generating a free visibility report and explain what you are seeing. Be ready with your computers to run your report and take your online presence from zero to hero.

2 pm – Technical SEO Workshop

Rachel Morgan will show you how to perform a technical SEO audit for optimal website performance. This workshop is going to be a bit geeky, so make sure to energize your big brain while you are at lunch.

Rachel will demonstrate some free and a few paid tools you can use to see how your website ranks online and identify the gaps you need to fix to move your website from page 10 to page 1 in Google search. This is a 50-minute workshop, so if you want to follow along and evaluate your website while she is walking you through the steps you can, so be ready to move quickly and soak up her knowledge.

We will take a quick break, so if you need a energy bar to push through the last workshop make sure to bring it along.

3 pm – Blog Topics Workshop

Natalie Gould, serves as the VP of Content Management, but I think we should call her the Queen of Content. She manages the content for approximately 400 websites at any given time. As she put it “I know how to come up with blog topics that don’t suck”. She will present “How To Create Rocking Blog Topics” and yes, this is also a WORKshop so be ready to use some of her favorite free tools to do some keyword research and tie your brand to something that will connect with your customers.

After Natalie finishes up her 50-minute presentation we will wrap up for the day and you can head out to beat the traffic.

Make sure to rest up and be ready for the next day, June 30, because we will ROCK Social Media Day with a special Welcome from Eric T. Tung, immediately followed by our opening keynote Loren Baker.

The 2015 Rocks Digital Marketing Conference is just a few days away, so if you have already registered I will see you soon, and if you haven’t, you better hurry and REGISTER NOW. We only have about 20 tickets remaining.

Rocks Digital

We ROCK Local, Social and Mobile and want to make sure you have a place to learn all about it. From our digital marketing resources to our annual digital marketing conference we are here for you!

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