Rocks Digital Marketing Conference Testimonials

We would like to extend a special thank you to those attendees that have attended the prior conferences – 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2015. Read what they had to say about their conference experience.

We ROCK Digital Marketing Conferences and Resources!

Amazing Conference, Amazing Networking, Amazing insight!

Jonathan Kim, Rocks Digital Marketing Conference TestimonialGreat information and an amazing networking event.

Best spot to get amazing insight on local marketing initiatives and listen to guest speakers from half way across the US.

You have got to attend this event- no doubt.

Jonathan Kim

Lissa does a fantastic job of putting on the show.

Rocks Digital 2017 Beth KahlichAlways look forward to Rocks Digital each year, the awesome networking and speakers.

Lissa does a fantastic job of putting on the show. Highly recommended!!

Rockin' Digital Marketing Conference – Packed Full of Learning

Kris OConnor, Rocks Digital Marketing Conference Dallas 2016I attended the very first Rocks Digital and learned so much I have been attending every year since.

Just implementing one tip each year has helped our garage door company to grow over $1,000,000+ , have grown our service technicians from 1 to 5 our service trucks to 6 and our showroom is about to double in size.

Does the Rocks Digital Marketing Conference work? Absolutely...what are you waiting for? Don’t miss your opportunity to grow your business!

Informative sessions & great opportunity to chat with others with many of the same issues!

Elsa Cantu - Rocks Digital Marketing Conference TestimonialI was familiar with Rocks Digital when I previously lived in the DFW area. I've moved to Houston since then but was in town for another project. I decided at the last minute to attend. I have to say that the sessions were informative and I appreciated the time to chat with peers dealing with many of the same issues that I am in my business.

If anyone is looking for a refresher in the areas of social media PPC and SEO. they need to consider this event in 2018. Sharing is caring Lissa! Rocks Digital Houston sounds good to me!

I thoroughly enjoyed both days of the conference!

Rocks Digital Marketing Conference There were a variety of talks to chose from, all of which were very informative and useful.

It was a lovely event and I look forward to attending again in the future!

Shelly Duell
Advice Local

The "Do Not Miss" Conference Every Year!!

I schedule this conference, every January, when I am doing my yearly calendar. I have not missed this event since the first year in 2012!

I credit the things I have learned here, to the fact that I have a waiting list for Clents and spend very little on marketing.

This seminar is great balance of worth the price of admission!!

Once you attend, you will be back every year, as it gets bigger and better!!

Victoria Warner
Rowlett Family Law

One of the best-run conferences that just gets better every year.

Digital Marketing Conference Dallas 2017I've been attending Rocks Digital for several years now, and have made it one of my top priorities to attend. Year over year, the quality of speakers/sessions has been consistently high, but still managed to improve each time. From the people you meet and connections you form, to the things you learn and the new ideas sparked from it, RocksDigital has been a consistently high-value experience.

Whether you run a business that might be able to benefit or you are yourself a professional in the SEO/social/digital media space, you owe it to yourself and your organization to be there.

Kent Pilkington
ThinkByDesign, Inc.

Dallas-based digital marketing and advertising agency.

Harrison Blum, Digital Marketing AgencyRocks Digital continues to be one of the most well-executed, energizing conferences I have attended. Wonderful networking matched by great speakers and panelists and the keynotes delivered practical knowledge that I can implement in my everyday work life. Rocks Digital is a 'must-attend' event for any entrepreneur, business owner or digital marketer.

Harrison Blum
Z Interactive

Forward thinking, energetic, action oriented

Dallas_Social_Media_Conference_Neil_LemonsAll social media all the time! What a great event to come and learn from the experts and each other again this year!

The amount of knowledge is extraordinary that they pack into one day. It's great how you can take it and put it to work immediately. Everyone there was interested in helping you really learn and discern what makes great sense for your business. Looking forward to the next one!

Debbie Mrazek
The Sales Company

Great event!

Joe Youngblood and Tony CecelaRocks Digital, formerly DFW Rocks Social Media Day, is a fantastic local marketing event packed with knowledge from start to finish.

The Most Rewarding One Day Technology Event

Bernadette_Coleman_Local_Social_2014I thoroughly enjoyed The Local Social one day event.  To be honest I was unsure going into it how much I would get out of it. Well, it ended up being the most rewarding one day technology event that I can remember – and I didn’t even win any prizes! I enjoyed the candid discussions, insights and experiences of the local and national panels and then, last but not least, enjoyed the afternoon keynote by Larry Kim. The event covered all of the major technology areas that I deal with while being entertaining at the same time.  Thanks to everyone who made it possible – and for the good lunch as well.  Looking forward to your next event.

Whew! What a weekend at DFW Rocks Social Media!

Social_Media_Day_Geeks_2014Whew! What a weekend at Lissa Duty's DFW Rocks Social Media! Lots of great information on how I can get the word out about the work I love to do! It's the only time it's ok to be on smart phones, tablets or laptops while someone is talking!

Tifany Henderson
Yoga Instructor and Bookkeeper

DFW Rocks Social Media was educational and fun!

Dallas_Web_Conference_Tony_CecalaDFW Rocks Social Media was educational and fun! I can say, our business has grown by OVER 15% from this WONDERFUL Event.  Make sure you set aside June 30th every year for DFW Rocks Social Media Day as I have!


Tonie Boaman

Lissa is my go-to girl for all things in the Twitter-sphere!

Dallas_Social_Media_Conference_Lissa_Duty_LinkedInLissa is my go-to girl for all things in the Twitter-sphere! She and the speakers that are part of the DFW Rocks Social Media Day are always a great source for keeping up-to-date on an ever-changing business. I will be there again to see what’s new!

Carolyn Clark
Rising Point Solutions

I had a blast at DFW Rocks Social Media!


This year I had a blast at DFW Rocks Social Media, I was live tweeting most of the time, and got to meet a lot of awesome new people : )

This is one conference you need to mark on your calendar every year!


I walked away with very valuable information and tips on different social media platforms. This is one conference you need to mark on your calendar every year. Whether you are new or seasoned in social media, you will walk away with helpful tips from individuals who are the best in their fields of social media.

Nikki Bassham
Graphic Artist

Good blend of both practical "how to" speakers and those who gave inspiration!

photo (7).JPG#DFWRocks 2014 was a good blend of both practical "how to" speakers and those who gave inspiration from their personal stories, for both beginning and experienced social media practitioners.

Sharon Cooper
SC Publicity

WOW! What an information packed, head spinning, hand cramping overwhelming awe of great information!

Dallas_Social_Media_Conference_Ashely_HansonWOW! What an information packed, head spinning, hand cramping overwhelming awe of all the great information that was shared and learned. I hope eveyrone will implement just one of the hundreds of tips, tricks, shortcuts given at DFW Rocks Social Media Day! I have already implemented two! Thank you so much Lissa and John and everyone involved with offering this conference. It truly was outstanding!

A Business Event Worth Traveling For!

Dallas_Social_Media_Conference_Tim_Gillette_Patty_FarmerThe Social Media Rocks conference held in Dallas 2014 was well worth traveling for from California and I'm looking forward to it being bigger, better and more international next year too. I definitely got a pile of great tips for my social media marketing, videos, blogging, SEO and so much more that I put my team to work on some of it as soon as I got home! The speakers all delivered great content, not just a bunch of fluff and I'm looking forward to being one of the speakers myself soon too! ~ Katrina Sawa, The Jumpstart Your Biz Coach, Sacramento, CA

Annual Family Reunion of Digital & Marketing Strategists

Group_Shot_2014DFW Rocks Social Media Day is a family reunion of digital and marketing strategists where tribe leaders teach the rookies how to become successful community leaders. This is an industry where an exorbitant amount of information is expected and DFW Rocks Social Media serves a full two-day package of non-stop sessions and picnic lunches. Tips, tools, apps, resources, and advice far exceed the best typists wpm - however, DFW Rocks Social Media provides instant ability to download slides, presentations, videos, and links. Prepare to give away a tall stack of business cards, connect with dozens of people on LinkedIn, win a few door prizes, get newly published books autographed, and of course - walk out the door with invaluable insight into the constantly changing world of social media.

Cece Liekar
The League Lady

ALL IN! That is what you feel from each of the speakers.

IMG_20140701_075544.jpgALL IN! That is what you feel from each of the speakers this weeked at DFW Rocks Social Media 2014. They weren't holding anything back. All I could do was take as many notes as I could. Great insights and information! Thank you Lissa Duty for creating this gift of love for the business owners and social media managers in the North Texas Region.

Patrick Dougher
Doer Success Marketing

First time attendee. Count me as a regular from now on.

Attendees Shot Local Social 2014First time attendee. Count me as a regular from now on. Great information in every session. Not just the usual blue sky ideas, that are hard to translate into action items and implement, but real tips and takeaways for all levels of expertise that you can use to improve your business and service offerings immediately. Called "Social" media but a whole lot more from how to run a business, how to help clients determine what their objectives are to hands on "how to". I don't recall a question in any session that went unanswered.

A One-Stop Crash-Course Conference

20140630_095650-75x75I was invited to DFW Rocks Social Media by a friend of mine who happened to be speaking. After reviewing the full list of speakers, I was excited to hear what everyone, not just my friend, had to say. Though a couple speakers were late or absent at the conference, there were so many component and prepared professionals supporting the conference that not a single beat or opportunity to share with the audience was lost. I even got to meet Addison Mayor Todd Meier! I'm very impressed with the sheer amount of information and data that was packed into two days. I have to say, I'm excited to see where it heads next!

First Time at DFWRocks Social Media Day event. One of the best!

Jerod_Morris_Local_Social_2014First Time at DFWRocks Social Media Day event. One of the best and most unexpected effects of the conference was the amount of collaboration, idea generation, and potential joint business opportunities that appeared over two days. Can't wait for 2015 with its new name of RocksDigital.

The speakers rocked the house.

image.jpgLissa did an amazing job organizing and coordinating this event. The speakers rocked the house. Excellent.

Ruthie Guten
Gushin Designs

Cutting Edge Social Media Conference

image.jpgI have been to all three years of this conference and it just gets bigger and better every year.

As an attorney, the real cost of a conference is not so much the cost of admission to the conference itself, but more so losing two days of billable hours!! I must very carefully pick and choose those I deem are the most relevant and the ones I get the most ROI and this one is always at the top of my list!

Lissa Duty has done a fantastic job of organizing this event and gathering talented speakers both local and national to deliver the latest and greatest social media information, year after year.

Victoria Gallenberg Warner
Victoria G Warner, Rowlett Family Law

Well done to the DFWRocks 2014 planning team!

image1-75x75I found out about DFWRocks 2014 through a Twitter post I was intrigued enough to register to attend. It exceeded my expectations very informative about the power of social media and the tools to make your digital footprint count. I am definitely excited to put everything I've learned to good use. I feel confident that I am better equipped to enhance my social media presence. Well done to the DFWRocks 2014 planning team.

Alicia M. Morgan
A.M. Morgan

Your morning speech yesterday was refreshing & inspiring

Dallas_LinkedIn_Trainers_Lissa_Duty_John_Nosal_authorsBy @grandecom Thank you @LissaDuty for the amazing #dfwrocks2014. Your morning speech yesterday was refreshing & inspiring.

The trip from ND was well worth it!

Page 30By @CathVideoDad @LissaDuty thanks for organizing #DFWRocks2014! The trip from ND was well worth it! Lots to implement in the @BisDiocese #newevangelization.