Using Your Strengths to Connect and Sell More

How to Sell More The fact is you are a sales person, no matter what your job is, you are selling something! It could be an idea, a strategy or an actual product or service. When it comes to being an effective sales person, your natural traits are what set you apart from everyone else.

How To Use Your Strengths to Connect and Sell More

These traits affect your attitude, personality, and work ethic. Below, I expand on the strengths and benefits of each of these traits and how they can make you more attractive to your coworkers, customers and clients.

Do you want to know what makes you an attractive sales person? Keep reading and find out.

This is the ability for a person to identify with their customers on a level that others may not be able to. People who are empathetic in nature tend to understand the concerns of their customers and are able to relate to them better than their co-workers. A sales professional who is empathetic is able to gain the trust of their customers and develop a rapport with them that will help put them at ease. Customers will feel more comfortable working closely with this person and trusting that they have their best interests in mind.

A person with a highly developed level of focus is someone who is typically driven to accomplish set goals and remain focused on one topic. They tend to be more demanding of themselves and tend to be self-motivated sales professionals. They possess the ability to organize themselves and see what needs to be done and what is required to achieve their goals. These types of sales professionals do not wait for their sales manager to give them direction, rather they see what needs to be done and act accordingly. A focused person will see what a customer needs before they do giving their customers the assurance that their needs are being taken care of.

A sales professional who possesses a strong level of responsibility will not place the blame on others for not achieving their goals. They tend to be people who get things done when faced with adversity and will take accountability for their mistakes. These types of individuals are also capable of taking criticism and using it as a way to improve themselves rather than allow it to bring them down. A sales person with this trait will take responsibility for the success or failure of solving their customers’ problems and will work harder to make a successful sale and help the customer.

A sales person who has a highly developed level of optimism is someone who is persistent. This is one of the most important traits a successful sales person can have. When faced with failure, these individuals become more resilient and realize that hearing “NO” is not a reflection on them personally. It does not affect the way that they feel about themselves nor does it destroy the confidence that they have in their ability to perform their jobs effectively.

These traits are what set apart some sales people from others and makes them attractive to customers and clients. If you are lucky enough to come by some of these traits naturally, then you are likely going to be a force to be reckoned with in the sales world.

Which of the traits above do you see in yourself? Which ones do you see in others? Get busy analyzing and sell more.

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