Want More Business? Start Doing One Thing a Day to Soar to Success

Business SuccessI wish there was a super magic bullet I could give you that would be the panacea for all of your business and sales ills. The reality is that sales is not a ‘one point’ process where things happen from doing just ‘one thing’, but it comes from doing many ‘one things’. It takes consistent, forward motion to excel in sales.

When you feel stuck and you feel like you are running into brick walls, it is time to try something different to break through that wall.

Nine ‘ONE THINGS’ You Can Start Doing Today for Business and Sales Success

1. Allow someone else to help you – ask for a referral. Networking has made a giant shift from an attitude of “How can I meet my business goals”, to an attitude of “How can I help someone else with their business goals”. Most people are willing to help, all you need to do is ask.

2. Begin again – someone said NO….go on to the next prospect. Don’t get bogged down in a lost sale. Move on and shift your focus to the next possibility.

3. Call the three people you have been avoiding. We all have those calls we dread making for one reason or another, but go ahead and make those calls. You may be surprised by the result.

4. Discover something new about an existing customer’s needs. Check in with some of your existing customers you haven’t spoken with recently. See if they have new needs you might be able to solve with one of your services or products they haven’t tried yet.

5. Entertain – get out of the office and do something fun with a customer. Reward a loyal customer or welcome a new customer with lunch at a nice restaurant, an afternoon on the golf course or maybe, take them to a local sports event.

6. Follow up on your leads. If you have some leads you haven’t followed up on, now is a great time to do it.

7. Increase the value the prospect gets for the price. An example of this would be to create freebies that add value to your products/services.

8. Help a prospect solve an objection. A lot of times the prospect wants to buy, but has concerns. Ask them what you can do to make the decision easier for them.

9. Invest in yourself – learn a new skill. Attend events, conferences and consider taking a course at your community college. Learning something new ignites creativity.

It’s not about doing something complicated, but instead, it is about acting on those things that are right in front of you. The best advice I have for you is to stay in motion with intention and focus. Do one thing each and every day that adds to your bottom line. If you stay focused today, tomorrow’s results will take care of themselves!

We all move through phases in business. Some days it seems like we could sell ice to Eskimos. Other days, it takes all we can to summon the courage to pick up the phone to make the calls we know will result in the filled pipeline that we need to continue to be successful.

Whatever phase or stage you are in I want you to do just one EXTRA thing today!! Think of all the things you have been successful with in the past. That success didn’t come by doing just one thing but by doing many “one things” that eventually added up to SALES SUCCESS!!

What ‘ONE THING’ are you going to do today? Comment below. Let’s discuss.


Debbie Mrazek

Debbie Mrazek, author of the Field Guide to Sales, is a sales coach who delivers a sales prescription that really works. She teaches individuals how to transform their talents into s-a-l-e-s.

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